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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> reporter: in the 55th running of the great american race jimmie johnson took daytona's checkered flag for the second time. danica patrick lead briefly the first woman in daytona history to do so. she finished 8th. but the talk of the speedway was yesterday's pileup here on the last lap. >> my thoughts and prayer to everybody yesterday injured in the grandstands. >> reporter: a dozen cars jockeying for the finish collided heading into the final term. rookie kyle larson's car went airborne flying along the track's flexible safety fence before it seemed to hit a rigid access gate and exploded. large debris including one of larson's tires shot through and over the 22-foot fence and into the stands. 30 spectators were hurt. 13 of them seriously injure to be hospitalized. >> cell phone video captured the blast of debris. and the immediate triage of people injured in the stands some on stretchers, others crying for help. none of the drivers in the crash was hurt. but many of them including winner tony stewart seemed rattled. >> i could see it all in the mirror and it didn't look good from where i was at either.
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we've always known since racing has started that this was a dangerous sport but it's hard, we assume that risk and it's hard when the fans get caught up in it. >> track workers repaired the damaged section of fence 54 feet wide. race officials offered a different seat to anyone at today's race worried about sitting in the same section as yesterday's crash. >> our fans are first and foremost for us to have an exciting experience and a safe experience at the track. so that is what we're going to continue to look at. >> reporter: daytona international speedway plans to remodel its grandstand. part of nascar's investigation could include calls to reinforce the fencing or move fans farther back from the action. 11 of the 13 people hospitalized after yesterday's crash have now been released. the other two people, jeff, have had their conditions upgraded to stable. >> jeff: mark strassmann, thank you. with the issue of fan safety front and center attention is now known as the so-called catch fence designed to block debris from flying off the track.
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adriana diaz is covering that part of the story. >> reporter: 30 people were injured when the finance that is supposed to protect fans failed and parts of a race car landed in the stands. overnight racing officials scrambled to get the fence reinforced. shortly after the crash, four time indie car champion dario franchitti tweeted it's time indie car, other sanctioning bodies and promoters work on an alternative to catch tension there has to be a better solution. this morning steve o'donnell fielded questions about the fence and safety. >> fans are our first priority. obviously we want everybody to be safe at an event. >> this driver crashed in front of the stands at the winston 500 in talladega back in 1987 and says yesterday's accident could have been worse. >> that engine got out of that car and had all of that weight and that momentum it could have really done some damage. and it was hung newspaper there in the fence and didn't go any further. that was really forth nat. >> reporter: another hall of fame driver agrees improvements to safety fencing need to be
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examined. >> i would be stupid to say no. definitely maybe a double fence, one behind the other with some space between to stop something like this. >> reporter: nascar says a committee that will include outside experts an top university officials will review the accident and determine if any safety improvements will be made. but they say it's too early to set a time line, adrina diaz daytona peach. adrina diaz daytona peach. >> tomorrow the vatican expected to announce a starting date for the conclave that will pick the next pope. in his last sunday service today pope benedict reassured roman catholics that will continue to serve god when he enters retirement on thursday. but as that transition gets under way, allen pizzey reports a new vatican scandal has emerged. >> benedict used his final sunday blessing to assure the estimated 100,000 people in st. peter's square that he wasn't abandoning the
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church. the 85-year-old pope said we would continue to serve but in a way more suitable to my age and my strengths. the crises that sapped his strength continue to swirl even as benedict goes into what he calls a new life of prayer and meditation. >> in the name of the father. >> three priests of the former cleric have claimed that cardinal keith o'brien of scotland engage in the inappropriate contact with them 30 years ago. their charges were sent to the 1r59 can a week before the prepare resigned. the myriad scandals in the church didn't worry elizabeth warbl of st. paul minnesota. >> it's in god's hands. the holy spirit has been with the church for 2,000 years, i don't think it will crumbable in a year. >> kenneth sympathized with benedict. >> when it comes down to it the question is how much control does the pope have over someone's aks. and -- >> you're not holding him responsible for all of that. >> it's hard to hold a person responsible for when you have so many priests around the world. >> the warm reception seemed to energized pope.
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>> we thank god for sunshine instead of the predicted rain. >> what you don't see much evidence of here is security but there's plenty of it. snipers are reportedly in positions overlooking the square and there are plain clothes police mingling in the crowd, some even dressed as priests. benedict will leave the vatican by helicopter on thursday to spend the first two months of his retirement in castle began golfo-- gandolfo the traditional papal summer residence. the ex-pope has to disappear during the conclave even if the scandals that plagued his reign will be in plain sight, allen pizzey cbs new vatican city. >> jeff: in washington today lots of fingerpointing but no movement toward heading off a budget cut due to be begin on friday. the 85 billion in cuts with come mav from defense half from domestic programs. as many as $750,000 jobs could be at risk. and that prospect had some of the nation's governors weighing in. here's major garrett. >> with washington still stymied, two governor
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maryland democrat martin o'malley and virginia republican o'donnell have join joined forces to urge a compromise. >> the sequester was put in place to be a hammer, not a policy. but here we are just a week away from et going it done. >> whatever our differences might be we understand that this is an economic threat. >> reporter: half the cuts would come from defense including training and maintenance programs. the pent begun warns they could also require longer deployments in afghanistan. domestically the white house warns of fewer food inspectors airport delays and teacher layoffs. >> secretary of education anee duncan said as many as 40,000 public schoolteachers could lose their jobs. >> we don't have any ability with dumb cuts like this to figure out what the right thing to do is. it just means a lot more children will not get the kinds of services and opportunities they need. >> some republicans including louisiana governor jindal accuse the white house of hyping the bad news. >> the reality is nobody is saying he should make these
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cuts but we can cut less than 3% of the budget without hollowing the defense air traffic without jeopardizeing meat inspection. >> this week the senate will debate an alternative to these pending senate cuts. the democratic proposal will include higher taxes on the wealthy and the elimination of some tax breaks. republicans say they are done raising taxes for the year and will propose a different set of spending cuts and it appears the stalemates will continue. major garrett cbs news the white house. >> jeff: a new winter storm is forecast for the central plains tonight. a blizzard watch has been issued for much of kansas. that storm is moving in from texas and could dump as much as 15 inches of snow along the way. in colorado another storm pending senate cuts. the democratic proposal will include higher taxes on the wealthy and the elimination of some tax breaks.
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the civil war in syria tops the agenda of kerry's nine nation ten day-trip. syria's opposition leaders may boycott their first scheduled meeting with a new secretary of state it is right now set for thursday in rome. a senior u.s. official traveling with the secretary say it's the syrians want more material support to end the war. afghanistan's president hamid karzai today gave u.s. special forces two weeks to get out of wardac province, the area next to kabul. the government accuse afghans working with u.s. troops of torturing and abusing other afghans. also today's suicide bombers targeted afghan troops in four coordinated attacks. the deadliest was in jalalabad where two people were killed. later, the voting rights act faces a challenge at the supreme court. the small georgia town that often plays a starring role on the big screen. and oscar pistorius's brother also facing a charge of murder. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues. ws" continues.
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appearance today. he took his seat at the deputy in cuba's national assembly. castro hasn't taken in the proceedings since 2006 when he fell ill. he resigned as president in 2008. the murder case involving olim business sprinter oscar pistorius took an unexpected turn. we learn his older brother is also facing trial over the death of a woman. kelly cobiella has the story. >> when oscar pistorius stood before the judge accused of murder his older brother carl was there offering support. but last thursday carl pistorius made a brief appearance in another courtroom facing his own homicide charge. in i statement today family attorney kenney oldwedge said the charge stemmed from a 2008 road accident in which a woman motorcyclist sadly lost her life. the statement said the charges were dropped then later reinstated so it did not explain why. and that blood tests proved he had to the been under the influence of alcohol. carl pistorius is due back
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in court at the end of march. his brother oscar goes before a judge two months later in june for murdering girlfriend reeva steenkamp. after being released on bail friday oscar pistorius reportedly told his uncle he would like to reach out to steenkamp's family much her father told a sot african newspaper he only wanted to hear one thing from pistorius, the truth. if it didn't happen the way he said it did, he must suffer her father said and will suffer. only he knows. but as a condition of his bail pistorius was ordered not to contact the steenkamps or any potential witnesses. he has to report to a police station twice a week starting tomorrow. kelly cobiella cbs news london. >> jeff: just ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news" after 48 years is the voting rights act still needed?ethi sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus
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date its defender consider it a needed boll work for justice. >> today we strike away the last major shackle. >> reporter: when he signed the voting rights act in 1965 president lyndon johnson called it a triumph for freedom. it had been a century since the civil war and constitutional amendments extending the right to vote to former slaves and granting equal protection of laws. but in someplaces in the south, states had imposed barriers like poll tax and literacy tests making it harder for african-americans to vote. >> morality cannot be legislated but behavior can be regulated. >> for the past half century the voting rights act has been a tool for the federal government to prevent racial discrimination. now the supreme court is reviewing section five of the act which requires all or part of 16 states to obtain justice department approval before changing voting laws or maps. some states like 58
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bam-- alabama where the case originated say section 5 is an outdated burden, that discrimination is scattered and limited. >> let us vote. >> but the ex-defenders say it is as relevant as ever. they site recent state laws limiting early voting while requiring voters to get government issued photo i.d.s. attorney general eric holder relied on the act to challenge south carolina's voter i.d. law last year. >> protecting the right to vote insurancing meaningful assets and combatting discrimination must be viewed not only as a legal issue but as a moral imperative. in 1965 president johnson said he hoped the act would guarantee the right to vote unrestrained in every precinct in the country. in congress has endorsed that notion by reauthorizing the ago four times. most recent in 2006. >> between 1982 and 2006 the justice department used section 5 a total 62400
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times to block what he considered discriminatory voting law changes in the state. for more on the upcoming supreme court hearings we are joined by jan crawford. so jan, is the argument from the folk was don't like section 5 that racial discrimination no longer exists? >> oh, no and they are not attack the entire voting rights act. if there is discrimination people could still sue but as you pointed out they're challenging section 5. that requires alabama and other mostly southern states to get federal approval before they change their voting laws or requirements even things like where polling places are. they say that provision may have been necessary 48 years ago but today there's no more kraition discrimination in voting in alabama than there is say, in michigan or ohio so why should alabama and those states be treated like it's still 1965. >> jeff: so i know you're going to be there on wednesday. in your estimation, who has the more difficult case. >> well, i think both side grsing to have a tough argument. the justices had a similar
6:20 pm
challenge a few years ago but they sidestepped this big constitutional issue. but then several just fises seemed skeptical of this provision. chief justice roberts said the people defending section 5 seemed to think that southerners discriminate more than northerners. but jeff this is not an easy case. congress in 2006 said the law was still necessary. so you can expect the liberal justices to say the courts should still defer to congress. >> jeff: jan crawford, thank you. >> the c.e.o. of the company that makes tabasco sauce has died at the age of 68. he was a great grandson of the founder of the louisiana company thatter was the family name. he told cbs sunday morning earlier this month-- is not allowed in south louisiana and we are one of the main reasons. >> still ahead a small town that offers southern comfort to some of hollywood's biggest not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe
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eruzione was sold at auction this weekend for almost $660,000. eruzione the team captain scored the winning goal in the come from behind 4-3 victory. finally this evening while the spotlight may be on the oscars and los angeles tonight. we have a look at the place that says it can lay claim to the title of hollywood south. the small town of senooia george georgia, once again here's mark strassmann. >> you have a baby! >> in a bar. >> in sweet home, alabama reese wither spoon played a small town southern girl who want something grander senoia georgia where that movie was filled wanted the same thing. >> we live in may berry, it happens to be a movie set as well. >> scott tigchelaar a movie producer spotted the star power in senoia population 3500. >> we are 25 miles and basically 100 years away from atlanta.
6:25 pm
>> this small town has played itself in two dozen major pictures starting in 1989 with driving miss daisy. >> miss daisy? >> it's just a little bit like universal' back lot. there is the fighting temptations church. the fried green tomorrow at he a housement they just put dirt in the streets and ran around in model ts and it was 1930s. >> in 2080 sonoia was struggling through america's recession. georgia passed a major tax incentive to woo filmmakers tigchelaar doubled down investing $15 million to buy 22 commercial properties here and rolled out the red carpet for hollywood. >> we've done everything from 1930s rural alabama in this town to modern day los angeles, to post apocalyptic zombie world. >> welcome to woodbury. >> a m.c.'s the walking dead the most watched drama in cable history is set in the fictional town of woodbury. all three seasons have been shot here in senoia.
6:26 pm
in 2080 main street here had a half dozen stores. today, there are 49. and awaiting list for retail space. movies put senoia on the 3457, but the walking dead made the town come alive. >> melissa smith and her husband are among the recent arrivals. they own the redneck gourmet just off main street. >> we have people in our restaurant that come in and eat that drive five and six hours to catch a glimpse of the one of the actors. >> the town has been discovered. a sort of happy ending hollywood does best. >> here we go, small. >> mark strassmann cbs news senoia georgia. >> jeff: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs 60 minutes. i'm jeff glor cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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in on the search for a bay area couple... who vanished during a biking trip in peru. we'll have the latest in a live report. plus: new details released about the arrest of m-c hammer at an east bay shopping mall. "i'm gonna cover some things here that might not be popular with some of you." and during a stop in the bay area... what jim detail about the arrest of mc hammer at an east bay shopping mall. i will cover things here that might not be popular with some of you. during a stop in the bay area what jimmy carter had to say about the current administration
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international mystery ou ica. that's wher
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this is kpix5 news. a young bay area couple nearly a month ago. good evening. we start tonight with an international mystery out of south america. that is where a young bay area couple disappeared near he a month ago. kpix5 don napp is there where family and friends say the lack of contact is what has them worried, don? >> reporter: that is right. we do the missing persons stories t. is difficult to find -- it is difficult to find someone who is missing but what do you do when they are missing in another country? and the trail say month old but the family says they had to start somewhere. >> reporter: jamie neil is an energetic fun huff loving serious bicycle who commutes by bike. neil and her boyfriend, garret, left the bay area for the bike ride of their lives through south america. now, friends and family are concerned about the couple's whereabouts. >> i am worried about her. i understand that there is dangerous areas


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